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Dec 6, 2013 3:00pm EST
. >> immigration reform, is that something important to you as well? >> very important. it is very important to us. we do bring in people. we need talented people. we need skilled workers regardless of where they come from. so getting some sort of immigration reform is important to us. >> frank freetdman, great to see you. thank you for joining us. >> appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> thank you very much. >> we have about 40 minutes left to go before the closing bell. the dow now up about 174 points. 18 points or so on the s&p. it is sitting below the 1805 level that would put us back in the black for the week. >> while shoppers are hunting for holiday gifts, some retailers are shopping for a present that could last a whole year and a lot longer. a new ceo. we have that story coming up. >>> and one retailer not looking for new boss, the gap, but after some analyst downgrades may be looking for new sales strategy. . that's why you take charge of your future. your retirement. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. listening, planning, working one on one. to help
Dec 3, 2013 3:00pm EST
and the business community wants immigration reform. >> wall street and business community wants tax reform. president would like them to go down 25% from manufacturing. wall street is for more of export initiative and free trade. if you look at where we are today, a lot of the president's priorities align with this country from the business side. >> jobs that was job one when he took office. we still have anemic job growth. the fed, it feels, has to pump $85 billion into the economy to try and spur job growth right now. what is it going to take? >> i'll be a little jekyll and hyde. i'm not for quantitative easing. on the flipside although we've created 4.4 million jobs over the last you know 24 months we've created 200,000 a month. i'm not saying we're near where we need to be by no means. i see the participation rate just like you see it. we're picking up slack in the economy. average work weeks have gone up. >> you don't want this driven by monetary stimulus. a lot of people feel the same way. they say, if this economy isn't necessarily recovering or needs a little he
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2